What Size?

What Size Non Electric Automatic Waterer is Best for You?

The the bottom of Drinking Posts should be installed a minimum of 18″ below the local frost line

Identifying what size waterer is appropriate for your specific application will be determined by two factors:

  1. What type of animals will use the Drinking Post Waterer?
  2. What is your local frost line?

What Animals Will Be Using Drinking Post Automatic Waterer?

All Drinking Posts are the same diameter and have the same size bowl. Depending on your specific application, you can install the Drinking Post Waterer such that the height of the unit when installed is at whatever height above ground you desire.

You want to ensure that your animals are able to reach the top of the waterer comfortably. Generally, this is the typical height of the Drinking Post Waterer above ground level once installed:

AnimalStandard Installation Height
Horse Waterer3′ Above Ground Level
Cattle Waterer18″ – 24″ Above Ground Level
Sheep & Goat Waterer12″ – 24″ Above Ground Level

What Is the Frost Line In My Local Area?

The frost line is the maximum depth that the ground will freeze to in the winter. Proper installation requires that the deepest point of The Drinking Post be installed a MINIMUM of 18″ below your local frost line to prevent freezing in the winter.

There are few avenues one can use to determine the frost line in your local area:

  1. Contact your local Building Department
  2. Contact your county’s Water Department
  3. Any reputable local excavator will be able to quickly tell you what the frost line is in your local area.

The the bottom of Drinking Posts should be installed a minimum of 18″ below the local frost line

Frost Free Automatic Waterer Installation Location Options

Barn Stalls

Free Standing in Pasture

Run In Sheds & Overhangs

Split Fence Lines or Paddocks

Clean Fresh Horse Waterer by Drinking Post

How Frost-Free Works

Our waterers are so easy, we don’t even need 3 steps. Thirsty animal fills drinking post by pressing the paddle. When the animal is done, all water drains out of the bowl.

See How It Works
Drinking Post Waterer Installation

Easy Installation

No electricity, no cement pad, no problem! Install the Drinking Post anywhere your livestock needs access to fresh water and you have a pressurized water line.

How to Install
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