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Eliminate stagnant, standing water with Drinking Post.  Fresh, clean water with every use.  Cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

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Drinking Post could significantly reduce your electricity bill and your maintenance.  See how much time and money you could save.

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No electricity, no cement pad, no problem!  The Drinking Post can be installed anywhere you have a pressurized water line.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Steve Lantvit from Sure In The Saddle discusses his personal experience with Drinking Post Waterers in Northern Indiana, right on Lake Michigan.  For years they did it the old fashioned way dealing algae in the troughs, or manually breaking the ice with a hatchet.  Or worse, implementing expensive heaters only to be used as toys for the horses.

  • No more dirty, standing water risking the health of your livestock.
  • No more expensive heating bills, or broken troughs from freezing.
  • No more hauling buckets or hoses around.

Invest in your animal’s health and your own sanity with Drinking Post Waterer! 

Our non-electric livestock waterers are perfect for your horses, cattle, goats, sheep, llama, alpaca and more!

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Prior to using the Drinking Post Waterer, I used tanks. The thing that impresses me the most is how much time and labor I save by not having to fill, clean, and maintain tanks anymore. In addition, the water is much cleaner and healthier for my animals.
Mel Johnson, Bend, OR
I have been keeping horses for 40 plus years. I have always kept water buckets in their stalls. Yes, I know all about washing them to keep them sanitary, as well as knocking the ice out of them in the winter. A friend introduced me to the Drinking Posts. Since then, keeping the horses supplied with water has been a breeze. The horses consume more water, because it is always readily available, fresh and cool. I have reduced their feed by 25% while still keeping them in optimum condition. The Drinking Post has not only paid for itself, but has been a satisfaction for me, and my horses.
Nelson Kaufman Jr., Sugar Creek, OH
We love the “Drinking Post” It’s a no-brainer. The best thing we have bought in a long time. Seemed expensive at first but the benefits totally outweigh the cost. My vet said the quickest way to get a horse sick is dirty standing water. Horses now have clean, cool water any time of the day. Just bought another horse and he caught on quickly. The Drinking Post makes use feel stupid after many years of dumping water daily, busting ice, heaters in buckets and my time. We will be ordering another one soon. Thanks for the extra training paddle.
Cathy & Terry Smith, Louisville, KY
We recently moved down South and wanted our horses and miniature donkeys to have fresh cool water every time they took a drink and the watering post was the only thing that we found met that our needs (Fresh Water, no power, field placed and durable). The customer support was above and beyond great and Mike took time to answer every question or email I sent. Once we got the waterier installed it took a couple of our herd a few days to figure it out but now all we need to do is wipe the water down daily and then go on to other items. We love it but more importantly is all our equine love it as well!!! We would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone!
Linda Williamson, Paulden, AZ
We’ve had our Drinking Posts since 2002 and could not be happier with them. The health benefits of not having any standing water are fantastic. Cool water in the summer, warm water in the winter. In addition, they’ve proven to be a real time saver when compared to hauling buckets and hoses.
I wanted to let you know they were a breeze to install. Believe it or not, our blind horse was the first one to learn how to use them, I only had to push the paddle for him once! Thanks again for everything, I am happy to recommend Drinking Post Waterers!
Alana Hardy, Avondale, CO
Had one Drinking Post Waterer installed for each pen and one for each of the two pastures. They work great! The horses have fresh water every time they drink and there is no concern regarding ice on the water supply or a water bucket being empty.
Dan Burger, Durango, CO

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