Automatic Waterer for Horse, Livestock, and Cattle

The Drinking Post Waterer is the original non electric frost free automatic waterer. Field tested and proven for over 35 years, the Drinking Post Waterer will save you time, save you money, and provide clean 50° f water year-round.

Our automatic waterer provides fresh, clean 50 degree water year-round and is recommended for all climates - from desert to arctic and everything in between.  To operate, the thirsty animal simply presses their nose to the paddle and the bowl fills with fresh, clean water.  When finished drinking, the unused water drains from the bowl.

The simplicity of this technology ensures clean, fresh maintenance-free water.  The Drinking Post Waterer can be installed anywhere there is a pressurized water  line; in stables, paddocks or pastures - wherever your horses, cattle, livestock or pets need convenient access to fresh, clean water.

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Learn why the Drinking Post Waterer is the most reliable frost free automatic waterer available.


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